7 Amazon membership alternatives

7 Amazon membership alternatives when Amazon abandons you

In April 2020 Amazon put an end to its performance-based fee slabs where major affiliates earned up to 10% commission at the highest level.

After this structure ended, Amazon has now set a flat commission fee for each category.

Due to these changes, some blogs that were reviewing electronic devices and PC components saw a sharp 70% decrease in their revenue.

After this change, people began to turn to home, outdoor, and pet upgrades as they can easily earn an 8% commission on each product sold.

This is leading to more fierce competition in high-commission niches. People who have selected the niche of PC components are now reconsidering their niche.

Advantages of using Amazon affiliates

Amazon is a trusted brand and people are no longer looking to buy products from Amazon because of its excellent support and return policies. Conversion rates will be higher.

Commissions on all products: you will be paid even if a visitor buys a totally irrelevant product that is not being promoted. Suppose if you are promoting a game mouse and someone bought some diapers for your baby through your affiliate link, you will still be paid.

Many Tools: there are many tools available to promote the products offered by Amazon other add-ons.

Festive Seasons: You’ll see a huge increase in commissions during Christmas sales like Black Friday and Christmas time.

Advantages of using other affiliates

More duration of affiliates: Amazon offers you 24 hours of duration. While many other platforms and affiliate programs offer you files up to a month or 90 days.

High rates of commission: can tell me that Amazon becomes well. But, many of the merchants and niche affiliate platforms offer lucrative commission rates. The long duration of files with high commission rates will be helpful.

More freedom: Once he felt he was putting all his energy into the Amazon basket as an entrepreneur Once he tries to settle down with good alternative affiliates, he will have peace of mind.

Tranquility : If Amazon prohibits you as an affiliate one day because of some silly TOS violation errors, your business will not be affected.

Alternatives of Amazon affiliates

What are some of the good alternatives for Amazon Affiliate you can consider? Be carefully researched some of the strategies and affiliation programs you may consider joining, and maybe try them on your live site to test the conversions.

the manufacturer’s website

Forget that your site is “Amazon affiliate site”. Re-label it as an “affiliate site”.

On its site, it reviews many products. Some of the manufacturers of those products have their own in-house affiliate programs.

There are some well-known treadmill brands that offer internal affiliates on their own site.

Some of the manufacturers have a hidden membership program only by invitation, or will be happy to set up a partner account if you promise to boost some sales.

The fact is, manufacturers always want people to buy from their own site instead of the sellers, retailers and Amazon who keep a percentage.

Therefore, you can always contact the manufacturer to set up a partner account.

Conversion rates will be good almost like those of Amazon when people buy it on the manufacturer’s site, as they will buy products directly from the manufacturer.

Niche Affiliate Programs Online

You know about large affiliate programs like Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. But many people underestimate the power of niche affiliate platforms.

Examples are as follows:

If you are promoting products such as photography, video equipment, lighting, audio equipment, camcorders, projectors, televisions, etc., you may consider joining the Bhphotovideo affiliate program.

It offers you a commission of up to 8%. This affiliate program covers most of the niche electronics category.

If you are promoting computer components and products, you can consider the online retail affiliate program.

Only a simple Google search can give you excellent results.

This can be a game-changer for you if you investigate it properly.

Again, we take an example of the survival niche. These are some of the niche lucrative merchants – Survival Life affiliates, Survival Team affiliations, etc. They offer an average of 10% commissions, sometimes even more.

Since they only deal with a specific niche, the conversion is good. Not to mention, the longer duration of the offer.


Commission Junction is one of the most popular physical product affiliate platforms.

For example, if you take treadmills as your market niche, these are some of the well-known treadmill brands that are part of Avantlink’s affiliate network: Bowflex, Nordictracky Proform Fitness.

If you’ve been in the fitness niche long enough, you know these are the best brands. In fact, Nordictrack is the first brand that comes to mind when I think of treadmill marks. All these merchants offer a commission of 7%.

This is significantly higher than Amazon’s fee on fitness products which is 4.5%.

Las tasas de comisión son precisas al 30 de octubre de 2017.


Avantlink is one of the renowned affiliate networks that has been around for a long time. Like Shareasale, you can find traders in all possible categories.

For example, CJ and Avantlink combined cover almost 80% of the major treadmill brands.

Note that the treadmill is just one example. I’m sure you’ll find similar affiliate merchants in addition to Amazon for any of the niches.

The Target Affiliate Program

Target is one of Amazon’s top competitors in the U.S. They offer very competitive commission rates for their affiliates. They still have a performance-based commission model.

As you can analyze, the Target affiliate program is not at all suitable for fitness niches. It is well suited for home improvements and outdoor living niche. This may be one of the reasons why Amazon has not yet lowered rates in these niches.

Target is a well-known brand in the United States, so the conversion will be good.


This is the affiliate program that is making a lot of noise in the world of affiliate marketing. Unlike other affiliated platforms like CJ or Clickbank, Shareasale deals with physical and digital products.

At Shareasale, you can search for your niche keyword and you will meet affiliate merchants who sell products in your niche.

If you are in the garden niche, there are some of the high-paying merchants, such as Houzz, Wayfair, Raised Beds, Tmart, and many more who offer commissions of up to 10%.

Rakuten – Formerly Linkshare (Includes Walmart and Bestbuy affiliate programs)

Rakuten was formerly called Linkshare. It is a fairly popular affiliation platform.

The Walmart affiliate program is hosted in Rakuten. Without registering with Rakuten, you cannot access the Walmart affiliate program. Walmart’s commission rates are similar to those of Amazon but very low in some categories.

You interesd?

Walmart pays a fixed commission of 4%. If you’re promoting products on Amazon that fall below 4%, it’s time to give Walmart a try as they also give it a 3-day oerta duration.

I personally hope that Walmart will take Amazon seriously and raise commission rates to 7% to give Amazon serious competition and avoid monopoly. In fact, many Amazon affiliates are actively looking for an alternative. The heater is on.

You also gain access to the Bestbuy affiliate program by subscribing to Rakuten. But I will not recommend you to promote Bestbuy, as they offer the lowest commission rates I have ever seen 0% – 1%.

tips to increase conversions when promoting to other merchants

Here are some tips:

Explain why visitors should buy from the merchant you are recommending. Amazon does not need presentation and the same goes for many other merchants. Explaining to your visitors as “Why buy at Target?” , and explaining that some of the company’s Usps help them convert well. You can also share your personal experience about the trader you are recommending.

Try new merchants. Never settle for a low commission. Always try with new merchants until you find the right one with a longer duration of cookies and higher commission rates.

Review products that are exclusive to your merchants and are not available on Amazon. In the review, mention that the product is not available on Amazon. Yes. There are still some products that are not available on Amazon, especially in industrial supplies and outdoor niches.

Contact manufacturers for sponsored publications.

Before choosing a niche, be sure to choose a niche where merchants other than Amazon are also playing very well. As in the survival niche, outdoor niche, industrial supplies, supplements, etc.

These are some of the best alternatives for Amazon partners.

Amazon’s affiliate program is undoubtedly a large network of affiliates. For most people, change is not even necessary from now on.

But he’s not sure if Amazon will lower commission rates even further due to the increasing number of major users, the Amazon app, Alexa devices and monopoly. Amazon is slowly becoming an e-commerce Google.

It is better to spread the offers in several baskets and be prepared for the future. Before you start any niche site, make it suitable for all merchants. Don’t lock yourself in Amazon alone.