Affiliate plugins and other WordPress

Affiliate plugins and other WordPress

Affiliate marketing has been the best way to earn some extra pennies for bloggers. The best blogging platform is WordPress, so WordPress affiliate plugins are in high demand.

The fact is, affiliate marketing is more profitable than direct mail when it is promoted correctly.

To adopt affiliate marketing in conjunction with blogging, some of the affiliate plugins are required. WordPress is the hub of blog plugins there is no shortage of good affiliate plugins.

There are a large number of accessories to choose from.

As options increase, so does the decision-making dilemma. Straight? That’s where these types of posts are featured.

In this post, I will introduce some of the must-have WordPress affiliate plugins.

Affiliate links are messy. They contain tracking parameters, strings in the URL itself.

Most visitors check the link before clicking. Link cloaking vastly improves the user experience and affiliate CTR.

The best plugin for affiliate link cloaking – Affiliate Link Cloaker

Thirsty Affiliates

GoCodes is now discontinued from the WordPress repository. I was using this.But after it was suspended, it was very difficult for me to migrate to another link hiding plugin.

I am now using the ThirstyAffiliates plugin. With this, I am not at risk of discontinuing supplements. This plugin also comes with professional features that are just great.

These are some of the unique features of ThirstyAffiliates that are not available in any of the link concealment plugins.

  • Automatically link keywords to affiliate links.
  • Read the historical click statistics of your affiliate links.
  • Find and import Amazon affiliate links.
  • Geo-target visitors with affiliate links.
  • Track Google Analytics event clicks.
  • Import and export your affiliate links to and from other sites you own.

If you have to manage dozens of affiliate links on your site, then this plugin is worth investing in. It integrates with Google Analytics, which makes it easy to optimize the conversion rate and also link keywords to affiliate links.

If you don’t like the plugin, you can get your money back within 15 days of purchase. It is worth a try.

Star Ratings (Rich Snippets)

If you are optimizing your affiliate blog posts for SEO. If you completely trust organic traffic for affiliate sales, then embracing rich snippets in your affiliate posts works very well.

CTRs are greatly increased, even in SERP 7th position!

The best plugin for this purpose is WP Product Review. It is the best complement. The rating scale is from 0 to 10.

Have you ever wanted to show the best offer on your blog? So the notification bar works great. The notification bars are sticky and pasted at the top of your blog, wherever your visitors go. If your offer is great, it will surely greatly increase the CTR of your affiliates. The bar WordPress notification bar is the best notification bar available for WordPress. Showing the notification bar can always distract readers. Right? That’s where the SumoMe plugin comes in! It contains a module called Smart Bar. It allows you to display notifications or a form bar at the top of your blog, when users scroll their page to the top, bottom or for a certain percentage. You can configure the plugin in such a way that show the bar once the reader has finished reading your blog post. This greatly increases loyal customers and conversions.

  • Forget about Shortcode or MaxButtons buttons to insert attractive buttons on the go.
  • AdRotate or Random Banner to implement effective banner ads for affiliate promotion.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast to optimize posts for the search engine. (crucial)
  • Move activated boxes to increase commissions for pop-ups.